Banking and capital market law

Dr. Brender is a certified specialist lawyer in banking and capital markets law and has been advising and representing clients in the banking and capital market law field for more than 25 years.

Our services

  • Representation in banking law, especially in credit law, guarantee law und investment advice law.
  • Capital investment law, especially assertion of claims for damages arising from incorrect advice, prospectus liability or unsuccessful fund investments.
  • Capital market law, especially advice and representation in the event of ad hoc publicity, insider law and prospectus liability.
  • Financial service provider law, especially approval procedures, contract design (e.g. asset managers).

Your benefits

  • More than 25 years of professional experience of Dr. Markus Brender, lawyer specialising in banking and capital market law, in the above-cited fields; former in-house lawyer of a major bank
  • Commercially sound understanding due to vocational training as a banker
  • Interdisciplinary advice by lawyer as well as certified public accountant/tax consultant
  • Individual support and direct communication